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Goodreads Blurb:

The #1 internationally bestselling author of The Demonologist radically reimagines the origins of gothic literature’s founding masterpieces—Frankenstein, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and Dracula—in a contemporary novel driven by relentless suspense and surprising emotion. This is the story of a man who may be the world’s one real-life monster, and the only woman who has a chance of finding him.

As a forensic psychiatrist at New York’s leading institution of its kind, Dr. Lily Dominick has evaluated the mental states of some of the country’s most dangerous psychotics. But the strangely compelling client she interviewed today—a man with no name, accused of the most twisted crime—struck her as somehow different from the others, despite the two impossible claims he made.

First, that he is more than two hundred years old and personally inspired Mary Shelley, Robert Louis Stevenson, and Bram Stoker in creating the three novels of the nineteenth century that define the monstrous in the modern imagination. Second, that he’s Lily’s father. To discover the truth—behind her client, her mother’s death, herself—Dr. Dominick must embark on a journey that will threaten her career, her sanity, and ultimately her life.

Fusing the page-turning tension of a first-rate thriller with a provocative take on where thrillers come from, The Only Child will keep you up until its last unforgettable revelation.

My Review

Well… That was not something I would usually select to read. However, I was so intrigued by it that I finished it in a day, stayed up that little bit longer (ok, a lot longer) to get it finished because I knew I’d just be lying in bed thinking about it anyway.  Admittedly, I wasn’t sure how I would rate this story as there were parts that just didn’t gel with me.  For instance, the way Lily carried on about this mysterious nameless man, after their first meeting in Kirby.  It felt bordering on unprofessional and unrealistic.  Here’s this guy who’s committed a violent act, and sprouting a weird story which ends in him telling her he’s… and she’s thinking about how attractive he is? And then the sexual encounter with the random date guy, and she’s thinking about her patient as if she has some sort of crush. Hmmmm, I wasn’t a fan of Lily’s.  I don’t actually want to give too much away! LOL but the story itself, like I said, was intriguing which is probably because it’s not my usual genre.  It was a little slow at times, but it was pretty rich in description when Lily left the country and I found I liked the character development that went into nameless man.  I think it’s one of those stories that you have to read for yourself. You either like it or you don’t but you’ve at least got to try. I’m glad I did.

I rate The Only Child: 4/5 stars

Happy Reading



Review: The Death Sculptor by Chris Carter @SimonSchuster #bookblogger #bookreview #detectiveroberthunter #booknerd #bookworm

Goodreads Blurb:

A student nurse has the shock of her life when she discovers her patient, prosecutor Derek Nicholson, brutally murdered in his bed. The act seems senseless – Nicholson was terminally ill with only weeks to live. But what most shocks Detective Robert Hunter is the calling card the killer left behind.

My Review

BOOM!!!! You’re immediately thrusted into a heart-racing, sweaty palms, page-turning opening chapter. Just how I like it! This fourth book in the Detective Robert Hunter series doesn’t disappoint. Yes it’s got the authors usual cliche’s, the description of Hunter, and attractive women (which I just roll my eyes at), lines such as “the blood in his veins warmed…” ugh, the blood is already warm in the veins, the continuous use of the word “evil” which I despise… But other than the usual quirks that I’ve grown accustomed too, I really bloody enjoyed this one. I think it would have to be my favourite serial killer so far.  And I actually didn’t see it coming! One issue I did have with the story, was the ‘sculpture’ aspect.  For me, it didn’t feel descriptive enough, as in I couldn’t quite imagine the scene, however I felt that there was too much wordage. I know, that doesn’t entirely make sense.  But when I would come across that part, i would read it once and think hang on, and have to re-read that part and not come away with a clear image.  I have to give the author credit where credit’s due though, was a deliciously gory killer.  If your weak stomached, enter at your own risk! I’m also wondering, is Hunter going to get a romantic partner anytime soon? Guess I’ll have to wait and see!

Bring on the next one in the series I say!

I rated The Death Sculptor: 4/5

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Review: Forget Me Not by A.M. Taylor @killerreads @author_amtaylor #forgetmenot #bookreview #booknerd

Goodreads Blurb:


When Maddie met Nora, their friendship felt as easy as breathing. And when Nora disappeared, all the air went with her. Without her best friend, Maddie’s life became impossible.

Ten years later, Nora is still missing and Maddie is still searching. People have been questioned. People have even been accused. But no one has managed to find Nora.

Then, in the same spot where Nora went missing, the murdered body of Nora’s little sister is found. Convinced this is no coincidence, Maddie resolves to uncover the killer and find Nora – dead or alive.

But will she be able to cope, when we learn what really happened to Nora…?

My review

Well folks, be prepared to be annoying frustrated but in a completely more-ish way.  This story will have you infuriated with having to go to bed because unfortunately us humans required adequate sleep to live and function! Admittedly, it did start out slow for me, there was a little too much narrative and not enough action, however the more chapters I finished the more I wanted to get to the end and find out what did happen to Nora? The author did have an effortless way with description which I found a pleasure to read, and it did flow nicely.  However, it could have used more plot twists, I unfortunately didn’t have any WTF moments. 

Was an effortless read and I do look forward to reading more from this author in the very near future.

I gave Forget Me Not: 3/5 stars

Happy Reading


Review: Watching You by Lisa Jewell #watchingyou #lisajewell #atriabooks @atriabooks #bookblog #blogger #bookblogger #booknerd

From Goodreads…

Melville Heights is one of the nicest neighbourhoods in Bristol, England; home to doctors and lawyers and old-money academics. It’s not the sort of place where people are brutally murdered in their own kitchens. But it is the sort of place where everyone has a secret. And everyone is watching you.

As the headmaster credited with turning around the local school, Tom Fitzwilliam is beloved by one and all—including Joey Mullen, his new neighbor, who quickly develops an intense infatuation with this thoroughly charming yet unavailable man. Joey thinks her crush is a secret, but Tom’s teenaged son Freddie—a prodigy with aspirations of becoming a spy for MI5—excels in observing people and has witnessed Joey behaving strangely around his father.

One of Tom’s students, Jenna Tripp, also lives on the same street, and she’s not convinced her teacher is as squeaky clean as he seems. For one thing, he has taken a particular liking to her best friend and fellow classmate, and Jenna’s mother—whose mental health has admittedly been deteriorating in recent years—is convinced that Mr. Fitzwilliam is stalking her.

Meanwhile, twenty years earlier, a schoolgirl writes in her diary, charting her doomed obsession with a handsome young English teacher named Mr. Fitzwilliam…


My Review

Hmmmmm. This one’s a bit of a hard one. The beginning for me was slow. However, by chapter 16 it picked up and I have to admit I had a nervous excitement! I devoured each page, growing more and more curious, what was Mr Fitzwilliam hiding? I was pretty disappointed with Joey, but that’s a personal opinion.  I actually really enjoyed the roll Freddie played, it felt unique to the story, to see things through a teens eyes. Which then got me thinking about my own teen son, although I know he’s too busy behind his PS4 to be peering through binoculars at people, lol.  So although it started out slow, it did very much pick up.  I don’t think the few plot twists were a surprise though, and unfortunately a bit predictable, so the story lost a star there. And I thought trying to wrap the story up in chapter 69 was a bit of a cheat-ish way.  I would have much preferred another 2 or 3 chapters with the other characters telling the story.

BUT other than those three points, I came to really enjoy this story.  I love it when a book has a physiological affect on you. That, I think, is a pretty darn important power of a good read.  It’s like a superpower! When you can’t help but read, and read, and read, until you notice it’s 2am and your eyes feel like cement but you just want to keep going and you end up having a micronap you didn’t even know you took and suddenly you have a second wind!!!! Yep, a good book will make you so hyped you’ll type a massive sentence :-P.

So I definitely recommend you try this one. You may just have the opposite opinion of the first 15 chapters, who knows. Enjoy it!

I give Watching You: 4/5

Happy reading,


What Did I Read In 2018? #bookblog #2018reads #goodreads #booknerd #books

So last year I was super busy writing a textbook, writing a thesis, and the rest. But I did manage to exceed my Goodreads challenge or 10 books.  I ended up reading 39.

Two of my favourite books was by Stephen King and Diane Chamberlain. Two books that I didn’t think I’d continue reading simply because I got the first plot twist and thought uh oh, this isn’t really something I’d read… However, I pushed on and was pretty much BLOWN AWAY.

The Outsider has had mixed reviews by others, and really that’s no surprise because we’ve all got our own likes and dislikes. If we didn’t the world would be a pretty boring place.  My opinion of it was that I loved how it started. Smack bang into some action, and I have to admit given my areas of research and interest academically, I wasn’t at all turned off by the brutality of the first few chapter.  I love when a story starts off with 36124936action, it’s a great way to draw readers and keep them interested.  Other authors have lost me sometimes because after that great action, they enter too much info on the characters and the settings and it drags things down. Obviously King is a master at the written word, and achieved this effortly.  I got lost in the world of this story, I didn’t want to put it down and go back to real life, LOL.  I found myself really enjoying each and every character, and they were all so different from one another.  I really had no idea, how King was planning to explain Terry’s supposed part in the crime, because it was really looking like it was him for a while, but he was pretty convincing that it wasn’t. The amount of times I said “WFT” out aloud was quite funny. My husband would be sitting mext to me and say, “What?” He’d listened to it on Audible and agreed that is was a pretty compelling read.

My other book of the year for 2018 was Diane Chamberlain’s The Dream Daughter.  I ugly cried in this one.  I was pretty invested in it thanks to the author’s use of an unborn baby 37638145with a series health issue in the womb, I mean who can flag a book when that’s at the heart of it? But when I got to Hunter’s plot twist, I was saying “WTF” but not in a good way.  I put the book down and had a serious think.  Normally, I would NEVER read a book with this in it, I know that some people have a real hard time accepting a story when it’s too unbelievable or strays too far away from fact which I’ve always found quite humorous considering that they’re reading fiction, however when I got to Hunter’s plot twist I thought I’d stop reading because it was too unbelievable. BUT I kept going and boy am I glad I did. It was a truly wonderful read.  I don’t want to give anything away, but at two points I slammed the book shut in disbelief, gasping “OMG, no way”, plenty of tears, and I laughed once.  Like King’s book, I found my self lost in the words of this book. I was reading this while away on a campy holiday with the family, so was able to finish it pretty quick, and I was truly devastated that it had to end. Although to my husband, who had to listen to me recap almost every chapter after I’d finished them, it couldn’t end soon enough!

Other books I read in 2018

2018 books

The Misbegotten Son by Jack Olsen was fantastic, probably my true crime pick of 2018. I absolutely loved Salem Falls by Jodi Picoult, the very last page, had be gasping “WTH” and then i was thinking about it, trying to go through everything I’d read whist I was trying to go to sleep trying to figure out how I should have picked that ending! Talk about plot twist. I wanted to really love A Spark of Light by Jodi Picoult because I’d waited so long for it’s release, but the format just ruined it for me, and I wasn’t a fan of the constant heading hoping throughout chapters. It made it hard to get to know characters because you couldn’t sit with them long enough and it felt like you were ripped from them to get into another characters head.

But, it was a great selection of books. A whilst I didn’t mark them all 5 stars, it certainly didn’t mean I didn’t appreciate the hard work that every single one of those authors put into them.  They way I rate books is that they all start out with 5 stars, and then as I’m reading I subtract for various reasons i.e. too slow, information dump, cliche’, predictable etc. They can get those stars back though if I’m made to feel an emotion physically (say if I laugh or cry), surprising plot twist, awesome character development etc.  And obviously like I’ve mentioned we all score differently and have different opinions.  I’ll always look forward to trying another book by that author because it could always me the next “One”.

Did you read any of these books? What did you think of them and which was your favourite?

Bring on 2019 reads,


Review: The Nightmare by Lars Kepler #bookreview #thenightmare #bookstagram #booknerd #bookworm #bookgeek

From Goodreads:

A drowned young woman is discovered on an abandoned pleasure boat drifting by the Stockholm archipelago—strangely, her clothes are dry. The next day in Stockholm, a man turns up dead, hanging from a lamp hook inside his completely bare apartment—but how could he have hung himself with no furniture to climb upon? As Detective Inspector Joona Linna begins to piece together the two mysteries, he discovers that they are a mere prelude to a dizzying and dangerous course of events. From the internationally bestselling author of The Hypnotist comes The Nightmare, another spellbinding tale of Nordic crime.


My Review

Well… Unfortunately I didn’t enjoy this second book in the Joona Linna Series as much as I did the first.  Again, the writing felt disjointed and hard to immerse myself in.  It felt as though there was a lot of unnecessary wordage, such as a paragraph about chocolate that felt out of place.  It was a long book, but could have been cut down by at least 200pages which would have fastened up the pace some.  I personally found it hard to like any of the characters because we don’t get to really meet them, in that they sort of feel very 2 dimensional.  However, apart from that, I did find I enjoyed to story line. Admittedly it’s not something that I would normally find myself reading as I find i enjoy the psychopathic killer more than the hired killer type plots.   And I do really like Joona’s personality, he reminds me a bit of myself.  That alone makes me want to keep on reading in the series, because I do really enjoy his thinking and behaviour.

I’m looking forward to the next in this series, and hope that my review doesn’t dissuade you from trying the book out yourself, because it may just be up your alley!

Keep on reading,


Review: The Doll’s House by MJ Arlidge 

Amazon blurb:

Detective Helen Grace is on the trail of a twisted serial killer in this riveting thriller in the “gripping”* international bestselling series. 

Ruby wakes up in a strange room. Her captor calmly explains that no one is looking for her. No one wants her. Except him. 

When the body of a woman is found buried on a secluded beach, Detective Helen Grace is called to the scene. She knows right away that the killer is no amateur. The woman has been dead for years, and no one has even reported her missing. But why would they? She’s still sending text messages to her family.  

Helen is convinced that a criminal mastermind is at work: someone very smart, very careful, and worst of all, very patient. But as she struggles to piece together the killer’s motive, time is running out for a victim who is still alive…

I’m going to just cut to the chase and admit that this was the best of the three DI Grace series, so far 🙌🏼 What was it exactly? I can’t put my finger on any specific reason 🤔 Was it because it felt less ‘new’ being the third book? I mean, I’ve always said that the author has a great writing style, very easy to read, flows naturally, characters aren’t forced into any action or dialogue, the pace is good… No, it’s not that. 

Previously, I’ve commented on the nasty cliche’s but this one did well not to include any. I think I particularly liked that the author didn’t go a female serial killer again. Considering how over the top the first two were, it really grated my nerves. This time around though, it felt less like the author was trying to ‘show off’, but instead really made the reader want to know more about the antagonist. I was intrigued by him and his motivations, I sort of wanted more of him at the end of the book. I enjoyed the way he read so naturally and the little twists and reveals were superb. 

I very much dislike Harwood. She really wasn’t a character I enjoyed or felt any reader connection with at all. 

I still love the shorter chapters, however I’m not a fan of the ‘dramatics’ the author seems to be in the habit of leaving chapters in. Towards the last few sentences they yes to feel too theatrical or use too much wordage and I think would be snappier shorter. That could just be a personal preference, though. 

Overall, pretty impressed with this one and I’m looking forward to getting into the next book in the series, Liar Liar. 

I rated this: 4/5

You can purchase it here from Amazon. 

Happy reading

Nat 😬

Review: Pop Goes the Weasel by M.J Arlidge

Goodreads Blurb

DI Helen Grace returns in Pop Goes the Weasel, the electrifying new thriller from M. J. Arlidge.

The body of a middle-aged man is discovered in Southampton’s red-light district – horrifically mutilated, with his heart removed.

Hours later – and barely cold – the heart arrives with his wife and children by courier.

A pattern emerges when another male victim is found dead and eviscerated, his heart delivered soon afterwards.

The media call it Jack the Ripper in reverse; revenge against the men who lead sordid double lives visiting prostitutes. For Grace, only one thing is certain: there’s a vicious serial-killer at large who must be halted at all costs . . .


Okay. Now, I’m a little more critical of serial killer stories because they’re so ‘popular’ in so many mediums. I can understand that people are facincated by fictional multiple murders. However, in the past I’ve found that there’s a very fine line between intriguing and cliche’. Sadly, there were parts in Pop Goes the Weasel that I cringed in.  I can’t think off my head a book that’s attempted to ‘educate’ a reader of this minority group, without referring you to the reference books that are on my desk 24/7 thanks to my profession, but you’ll know it when I praise it, if it happens again one day.  There was a particular chapter that I thought was probably the worst of the who book, which were ch79 and ch82. I won’t go into detail because I don’t want to put spoilers, but it was far too cliche for my taste. I’m wondering if the use of female offenders is something the author is trying to make this thing?

Other than that though, it was a pleasant read. The writer certainly has a way with word. I enjoy the easy flow of words, which is helped by the shorter chapters. I find this a winning pro of a book.  It allows us to feel as if we’re reading more, by reading less.  I enjoyed the few little twists. The reveal of the murdered was actually surprising, I’m not sure that you would actually pick it if you weren’t told.

The character I love to hate would definitely be that reporter Emilia. I think the author painted her with the same brush that many ‘investigative journalists’ are like.  I’m not sure I like the storyline with Helen and Jake.  I can see that the author is giving us depth to the main character, but…

So, overall. It was a pleasant read. The author is a skillful story teller, but errs on the cliche’ side a bit, which I could assume would be because of his ‘day’ job.  If you enjoy serial killers, then you may enjoy this one. But you have to read it first without relying on my review.

I give this: 3.5/5

Purchase via amazon

Happy reading


My NTR Pick

So although I won’t get to this next book for a little while yet, maybe a week or two, I’ve chosen what read it will will be. 

I’m quite critical of serial killer themed fiction. If it’s not done well, it comes off cliche and annoying. I’m apprehensive but I have heard good things, so I’m looking forward to it. 

What’s your next to read (NTR)?

Happy reading 

Nat 📚

Review: Eeny Meeny by M.J. Arlidge

So my semester started last week, hence the lack of posting. But I’m posting now, and when I remember, lol.

This book is one that you might remember seeing… Everywhere! It was all over my instagram feed as well as bookclub on Facebook, so I knew I had to join the club and try it.

It’s the first book in the DI Helen Grace series…

12782311_1079941885404955_1689472399_nThe girl emerged from the woods, barely alive. Her story was beyond belief. But it was true. Every dreadful word of it. 

Days later, another desperate escapee is found – and a pattern is emerging. Pairs of victims are being abducted, imprisoned then faces with a terrible choice: kill or be killed. 

Would you rather lose your life or lose your mind?

To be honest after the first three chapters, I can’t say I was super impressed. The writing felt ‘new’ and the story/character set-up felt a bit stiff and a tad on the boring side. There were a few too many serial killer cliche’ lines that made me groan a little too loud and that’s when I seriously considered giving it up. BUT… I started enjoying the fact that the chapters are short and snappy. The storyline grew to be more enjoyable because the character introductions were out of the way, and I very much grew to enjoy the development of the protagonist.

While I find the topic of serial killers, a difficult one for an author to broach, for me anyway, when the author stopped focusing on the facts and cliche’s of serial killers, and just that it was a person playing psychological mind games, the story grew into one that you couldn’t possibly stop reading. I was surprised at the end, I’m not sure that anyone would have guessed who the killer was, although I did feel it was a little rushed uncovering the clues that were becoming more obvious nearing the end.

I’m looking forward to reading the author’s next book in the series Pop Goes the Weasel.

If you’re wanting to purchase the kindle edition of Eeny Meeny, click here to go to amazon.

I rate the book: large_cute-bookworm 1large_cute-bookworm 1large_cute-bookworm 1large_cute-bookworm 1/5

Happy reading