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Goodreads Blurb

A warm, witty and wise exploration of family and contemporary romance from international bestselling author Trish Morey.

The trouble with choices… is they come with consequences.

Dumped on the eve of her brother’s wedding, schoolteacher Sophie Faraday throws caution to the wind, and winds up in the arms of the sexy best man. Meant to be a one–night fling, an unexpected consequence means Sophie must face one of the hardest choices a woman ever has to make…

Older sister Beth finds life is tough enough juggling a mortgage, shift work and raising her ten–year–old daughter alone. When she meets Harry, the quiet gardener with a heart of gold, she’s determined to place him firmly in the friend zone. How can she let herself love again, when the guilt she carries every day reminds her what love can cost?

Hannah, older twin to Beth by ten minutes, has her own reasons for avoiding relationships. But when Irishman Declan walks into her veterinary clinic with an orphaned joey in his arms, she’s seriously tempted. But isn’t resisting the attraction the safest option? Especially when the secret she’s held close for so long can only guarantee heartbreak…

Will the Faraday girls learn that, with your sisters by your side, the wrong choices can still lead to the right places?

My Review

*dreamy sigh* It’s been a while since I’ve read a wonderful, heartwarming, tear evoking romance/drama, and this story was exactly that.  I loved that each chapter was assigned a character and that we were able to be that character for that moment of time. I’m aware that Ms Morey is quite the accomplished author and because of that, the words just flowed so serenely on the paper that it was an absolute pleasure to read this.  Funnily enough Hannah reminded me of me! I’m the eldest of three sisters, quite sedulous, serious, blunt, and the rest LOL.

There were spots, especially with Sophie and Nick, where I was talking to the characters as if I were there next to them “uh uh, Nick, shouldn’t have said that, now you’re in for it!”, and to me when a reader does that, you know that’s something special. After all, some of us read fiction to escape the daily grind of life. I actually would have enjoyed staying in this story longer, it’s always a shame when the good ones feel like they end too soon!

So thank you to the author for creating such four dimensional characters who I was able to psychologically interact with, create a story that left me warm and fuzzy, and so happily satisfied at the end.  Looking forward to my next read from you!

I rated The Trouble with Choices: 5/5 stars

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Review: The Longest Ride By Nicholas Sparks

WARNING: Don’t judge a movie by its book, or a book by its movie. In fact, why judge at all!

I’ve never been one of those book readers that despises the movie adaptations of their books. I’ve always thought that both book and movie are two entirely different mediums, which both aim to tell a story to its readers or viewers in their different way. How you can you judge either against each other? You can’t. A book has as long as it wants to describe a story, and a movie only has so much to show to the story.

In saying that, The Longest Ride By Nicholas Sparks (the book) is different to the movie. And I loved the movie. More so in the way and times that the story takes place in the book, to the movie. If you’ve seen the movie, it might annoy you.


I absolutely loved the book (and the movie). No surprise, really. I’ve read a number of Sparks books and really love his way with words. To me, he can really grab his readers and his romantic tone it’s so sweet, it gives me goosebumps! You know a book is good when it brings tears to your eyes, and this one most definitely did! If you’re not a fan of mild cliche’s then I wouldn’t recommend this to you, because there are but I love a good one. I’m reading fiction, not reality!

The chapters are character done, with some being in 3rd person, and some in 1st. Surprisingly, I’ve never liked 1st person, however the gradual introduction may have changed my mind. Which will be a good thing because I think there are a number of books in my collection that are 1st person.

Like I mentioned previously, the events are different to the movie, but I won’t mention what they are here as I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen the movie or read the book.

If you’re already a fan of Spark’s previous books, then I think you’ll remain one after this book. I thought this one was brilliant, and I very much look forward to getting to The Choice in two books time.

I give book: large_cute-bookworm 1large_cute-bookworm 1large_cute-bookworm 1large_cute-bookworm 1large_cute-bookworm 1/5

Grab yourself a kindle copy here

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so at the moment I’m reading two books for pleasure 


Yes I’m a nick sparks fan love love loved reading The Lucky One, Save Haven, A Walk to Remember, & The Notebook and love the movies too. I also pre-ordered his new one today 

Looking forward to getting it! What are you reading at the moment?

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