My next read…

So I finished my last book a day or two ago and now I’ve picked up a Nicholas Sparks newbie, Two By Two. I’ve seldom been let down by a sparkie book. Hard to choose a favourite but I really do enjoy them, and the movies too.

Are you a Sparkie fan?

Happy buying and reading



What Am I Reading At the Moment?

Christmas is just around the corner. Literally. Two sleeps away. Got my shopping done a little earlier this year, and to be honest, I’m patiently waiting for it to be done for another year so my purse can recouperate! img_1979

I’m almost half-way through Adnan’s Story by Rabia Chaudry, which is the story from the podcast Serial, if you’re familiar with it. And despite some less than fantastic reviews, I’m very much enjoying it.

his-kidnappers-shoesI’ve also just decided on His Kidnapper’s Shoes by Maggie James to start on my Kindle. I received that as a ARC from Lake Union Publishing, and it actually sounds very intriguing so I look forward to starting that one in the next day or so.

Hope you all have a safe and happy holidays and I hope Santa’s good to you. By good, I mean buys lots of books!

Happy receiving, buying and reading


Currently Reading…

So I have little than 6 weeks until my final exams, for my final semester at University so things have been rather busy. I’m managing to do a little pleasure reading, but at a much slower pace; reading a few pages/chapters before I collapse into bed at 4am in the morning, lol.

Currently, on my Kindle Oasis I’m reading a true crime ebook “The Hillside Stranglers” by Darcy O’Brien. My trade paperback is “Only Daughter” by Anna Snoekstra.

What are you reading at the moment?

Happy reading and buying.



Currently Reading and What’s Up Next!

I’m in the middle of my mid-semester break, both enjoying it and looking forward to getting back to studying!! I’m a little sick like that, I enjoy the first week and then I’m climbing the walls missing it from the second week onwards, LOL.

I am enjoying some great books at the moment. Last week, I finished The Twisted Knot by JM Peace, which I’ll be posting a review and intervewing the author on the 25th. I’m currently reading a true crime book ‘Butcher, Baker’ by Walter Gilmore which I’m almost finished and fiction novel ‘The Last Time She Saw Him’ by Jane Haseldine.

I’ve been trying to decide what to read next, and given the state of my library, both hard copy and ebook libraries, it’s been a hard task to perform PMSL. So I just did a random pick and got these two beauties. One from my hardcopy library, the other from my kindle. I look forward to posting reviews shortly about the ones above, and starting the newbies below!

What are some that you have next on your TBR pile?

Happy reading and buying


Currently Reading

So at the moment I’m between two books.

It’s a slow pace because of full time study, so I’m only ready when I can. I’d have to say that at the moment, I’m enjoying The Innocent Killer more so than The Choice. However a review will follow once I’ve finished them.

If you’d like to keep up with where I’m at in both, follow me on GOODREADS the link is on the side of the blog page 😊

Till then, happy reading

Nat 📚

Currently I’m Reading…

So, at the moment I’m crazy busy with study. I swear there isn’t enough hours in the day to read five textbooks along with books for please. But, that won’t stop me, lol. I read in those little periods of time such as school pick up etc.

So currently I’m reading The Choice by Nicholas Sparks

the choice.jpg

and I’ve just added another to my Goodreads ‘currently reading’ which is The Innocent Killer by Michael Griesbach.


So I’ll continue to get through them at the rate that I can, and of course, post my thoughts about them after.

What are you reading at the moment?

Happy reading and buying